Our Model

Sack Suppers are well-balanced, ready-to-eat, evening meals delivered right to a child’s classroom or summer site, filling a gap not being met. Sack Suppers are made possible through the care and support of a community of donors and volunteers to ensure children have the nutrition they need to learn and live well.  Our model uses daily community engagement to support the mission and has been refined and polished over the last fifteen years. Below you’ll find the six pillars necessary to develop a feeding program in your community.

The Six Pillars


Schools see the effects of child hunger firsthand: listlessness, low energy, and poor concentration. When children are hungry, teachers can’t teach and children can’t learn. By distributing Sack Suppers through schools that have a high percentage of students receiving free or reduced lunch, we are able to reach the kids who really need our help.


We offer a fun, upbeat experience for volunteers of all backgrounds and abilities, ages 5 and up. Whether you’re a full-time staffer or come one hour per month, each volunteer makes a clear, obvious, tangible impact. Because we make it easy to put good into the world, volunteers come back again and again – with friends, family, coworkers, and members of their faith communities.


The key to providing well-balanced suppers to large numbers of children is establishing a steady, dependable supply of low-cost and no-cost food.  We do this by creating relationships with food banks, national chains, and local stores, as well as by working with organizations like faith communities and schools to sponsor food drives for nutritious, ready-to-eat food.


At Kids’ Supper Club, we take stewardship of program funding very seriously. Because we receive no funds from federal, state or city governments, we need to raise money from foundations, corporations, and individual donors. What’s our secret? We connect people who have a wide variety of perspectives and experience to harness the power of diversity and help our collective work stay impactful and community-driven.


The hub of every Kids’ Supper Club program is its prep location. This location needs to be close to the schools you’re working with, safe, easily accessible, and health department approved. You don’t need a full kitchen – just a three-compartment sink, stainless steel tables, and a refrigerator. Make your location a cheerful, pleasant place to work – a place that people want to be!


Your Kids’ Supper Club site can operate under the Board of Directors or Advisory Board that oversees the sponsoring organization. If you are starting your Kids’ Supper Club site from scratch, you will need to establish a Board of Directors with 501(c) 3 status.