About Kids’ Supper Club

Who We Are

Kids’ Supper Club is a national network of sack supper affiliates advised by our parent organization, Kids’ Food Basket, a kids feeding program based in Grand Rapids, MI.

Since 2002, Kids’ Food Basket has worked to provide sack suppers to food insecure children. In that time, we’ve expanded from serving 125 children at a single school to serving more than 6,000 children each day at schools throughout greater Grand Rapids and Muskegon.

Kids’ Supper Club is our way of sharing with you everything that we’ve learned over the last decade at Kids’ Food Basket. Using our 6-pillar Model and Step-By-Step Guide, we’ll show you what it takes to establish a successful kids feeding program, one school at a time.

What We Do

According to the USDA, 16.6 million children in the United States are living in food insecure households – that’s 22.4% of all children in this country.

Undernourishment does irreparable damage – not just to physical growth but also by limiting children’s potential for developing their abilities in school and beyond.

Our mission: to ensure that children in our communities do not go to bed hungry.

Our Team

Kids’ Food Basket has been in operation for over a decade in Grand Rapids, MI and is the basis for the Kids’ Supper Club. The team you’ll work with through the Kids’ Supper Club are members of the Kids’ Food Basket staff with years of experience building and growing a successful program. We have worked with a variety of experts in the area of content development and training to ensure that you have the right people at your fingertips and the proper tools to make your experience as efficient and effective as possible.