What is the Kids’ Supper Club?

sack_suppers_bag_graphicEvery night, millions of children across the United States go to bed hungry.

Kids’ Supper Club is working to change that, community by community. The programs in our network join forces with schools, community members, and private funders to make sure that food insecure children go home with an evening meal each weeknight.

We provide Sack Suppers for as little as $200 per child per year – ensuring that children have the nutrition they need to learn and live well.

The ‘who’ behind Kids’ Supper Club

How It Works

Building on nearly 15 years of experience, we know how to feed hungry kids. Kids’ Supper Club will guide you as you set up the 6 pillars of our award-winning program model.


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    YOU can be the next Kids' Supper location!

  • Holland, Michigan

    Holland's program began serving two schools and over 500 students in Spring of 2015.

  • Muskegon, MI

    Muskegon's program has been in operation since 2012 and currently serves over 900 students at three schools.


Get Involved

Learn how to build an effective feeding program based on our 6-pillar model – or connect with others in your community who’ve already started the process.

Contact us to start your own program Find an existing community to plug into

  • I want funders to think that we’re really ready – not ‘not quite’ ready.

  • We were pleasantly surprised at the volunteer model.

  • What do we need? We need everything!